Pet Sitting Visits:

Pet Sitting Walk & Visit: $27
30-minute visit to your home. During each visit your pet(s) receives a walk, hands-on attention, affection, exercise and feeding if instructed. Pet sitting visits are a great option for customers traveling or working late.

In-YOUR Home Boarding:

We understand not all dogs like to travel or be away from home. This service provides your dog to have the care they need all in the comfort of your home. During each stay your pet(s) receives hands-on attention, walks, potty breaks, affection, feeding, exercise, and interaction the entire time we’re there. We show up at 9pm and leave at 7am. We recommend adding on a midday walk and potty break.

 $95 per night ( + $25 per additional pet)

*Pets requiring special attention, highly sensitive, giant breeds, and/or puppies under one years of age are subject to additional charges.